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Photography Workshops

I offer photography workshops both on a one to one and group basis.  Workshops cover most genres of photography and are tailored to cater for all ages and photographic abilities from beginner to advanced.


 Workshops on offer 

MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS - Exotic insects (indoor) and native insects (outdoor, seasonal) Teaching  sessions for beginners including camera settings, use of flash/other light sources and composition and for more advanced photographers- You have the pleasure of coming along to photograph something interesting and different. 


For indoor workshops we have various species of Jumping Spider and Praying Mantis, African and Indonesian Land Snails, Grasshoppers, Caterpillars, Crickets and some other interesting invertebrates depending on availability.  Some more interesting creatures coming soon!


Also available for separate Macro workshops - Photographing different non creature subjects like water droplets, Dandelion Seed Heads, Incense smoke, Fire, plants and flowers etc.

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Outdoor macro collage (1).jpg
Outdoor macro collage 2.jpg

LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS- Photo walks in pre arranged local locations, Photographing seascapes, landscapes and historic buildings, focusing on light, framing, and composition.

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NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS- Workshops are obviously seasonal, focusing on long exposure photography of the night sky (Aurora when available), Milky Way Galaxy, stars and  landscapes/Seascapes as well as learning light painting and photographing  light trails.

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WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS-Workshops hosted in the local area.  Photographing wildlife of interest, focusing on camera settings, light and composition.

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EDITING WORKSHOPS- Workshops covering basic and creative editing skills using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.  Improving knowledge of photograph correction and adding a new dimension to your photographic and creative skills.

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Photography workshops are booked in 2 hour (£40), 3 hour (£50) 4 hour (£60) or whole day (10am-5pm-£120) slots.  To make an enquiry or a booking for any of my workshops please use the 'Contact Me' button on the top right side of my website homepage.