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I still very much believe that Scotland is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  There is so much beautiful landscapes to see from beautiful rugged coastlines, long winding rivers to glorious mountains, lochs and forests, everywhere you travel in our beautiful country there is something amazing to see and every county has something different to offer.  Aberdeenshire is of course where I live and where I photograph most often, here are some of the amazing landscapes that I have had the pleasure and absolute privilage of photographing.

2 (15) (Copy).jpg
20171111-IMG_0269-2-3 (2) (Copy).jpg
IMG_0349-4 (Copy).JPG
_MG_1114 (Copy).jpg
rainbow 2 (5).jpg
IMG_6390 (Copy).JPG
IMG_5012-4 (8) (Copy).jpg
3 (Copy).jpg
IMG_8633 (Copy).JPG
IMG_9316 (2) (Copy).jpg
13.jpg (Copy).JPG
A91I6217-Edit-2-2 (Copy).JPG
06.jpg (Copy).JPG
11 (2).jpg
20180215-IMG_8994-2 (2)-3.JPG
IMG_4271-2 (2) (Copy).jpg
A91I6192-Edit (Copy).JPG
IMG_4201 (2) (Copy).JPG
4 (7) (Copy).jpg
IMG_0632-2 (2) (Copy).jpg
IMG_7886-3 (2) (Copy).jpg
A91I6185-Edit-Edit b (Copy).jpg
IMG_2801-4 a3 (2) (Copy).JPG
IMG_9314-2 (Copy).jpg
IMG_0894 resized for web.jpg
9 (Copy).jpg
IMG_9990-2 (Copy).JPG
15 (2) (Copy).jpg
A91I6075-Edit (Copy).JPG
IMG_7885-2 (2) (Copy).jpg
A91I6181-Edit-2 (Copy).JPG
IMG_2777 (2) (Copy).JPG
duffus (2) (Copy).jpg
A91I9102-Edit (Copy).JPG
A91I6173-Edit (Copy).JPG
6 (4) (Copy).jpg
4 (5) (Copy).jpg
IMG_8342 (Copy).JPG
IMG_0930 resized for web.jpg
IMG_4749-3 best (2) (Copy).jpg
IMG_0632-2 (3) resized.jpg
IMG_7865-Pano-4 (2) (Copy).jpg
2 (6) (Copy).jpg
15 (Copy).JPG
rainbow 1 (5) (Copy).jpg
_MG_5342-4 ps 2.jpg
IMG_5215 flare (Copy).jpg
18 (2) (Copy).jpg
3 (6) (Copy).jpg
IMG_4283 (2) (Copy).jpg
ready for upload final copy (2) resized.
A91I3304 (Copy).JPG
A91I6161-Edit b (Copy).jpg
4 (4) (Copy).jpg
IMG_0418-2 (Copy).JPG
IMG_8067 (Copy).JPG
IMG_6274 (Copy).JPG
A91I3271 (Copy).JPG
A91I8248-Edit-Edit (Copy).JPG
IMG_0441-Pano-2 (Copy).JPG
IMG_0001 (2) (Copy).jpg
18 (3) (Copy).jpg
IMG_6885-Pano-4 (Copy).JPG
A91I8148-Edit (Copy) (2).JPG
1 (Copy).JPG
IMG_0210 (2) (Copy).jpg
A91I3302 (Copy).JPG
10 (2) (Copy).jpg
A91I3299 (Copy).JPG
IMG_7885-2 (2) (Copy).jpg
IMG_6462 (2) (Copy).JPG
2 (2) (Copy).jpg
IMG_2174-3 (2) (Copy).jpg
6 (2) (Copy).jpg
IMG_7559 this (2) (Copy).JPG
IMG_7761 (2) (Copy).jpg
IMG_7626 (2) (Copy).jpg
IMG_7654 (2) (Copy).jpg
6 (6) (Copy).jpg
2 (2).JPG
IMG_9589 resized.jpg
A91I3273 (Copy).JPG
IMG_0281 (2) (Copy).jpg
IMG_6900-2 (Copy).JPG
8 (5) (Copy).jpg
IMG_9664-3 (Copy).jpg
copy# (2).jpg
4 (8) (Copy).jpg
IMG_9125 (Copy).jpg
IMG_1198 resized for web.jpg
A91I6034-Edit (Copy).JPG
06 (2).JPG
autumn sun near insch 2 (Copy).jpg
1 (2).JPG
10 (Copy) (Copy).JPG
_MG_6627 (Copy).jpg
A91I4723-Pano-Edit-4 (Copy) (Copy).JPG
A91I6144-Edit-Edit (Copy).JPG
4 (Copy) (Copy).jpg
3 (Copy) (Copy).JPG
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